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    Benny Joy elulugu

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    Asukoht : Lõuna-Eesti metsikud osariigid, Tartu
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    Benny Joy elulugu

    Postitamine  RockinLady on 08.02.08 12:28


    Benny Joy's semi-obscure recordings for the Tri-Dec and Antler labels rank as some of the finest rockabilly music ever recorded.
    Benny Joy was born in Georgia in 1935, but his family moved to Tampa, Florida six years later. It was there that Benny formed his first band in 1951.
    Like most budding rockabilly artists, Benny got his start playing C&W, but his true obsession was with R&B.
    It was at a Tampa high school that Benny would pair up with Tennessee transplant "Big" John Taylor. Big John was a wild rockabilly guitarist who efortlessly coaxed dark and moody textures from his Stratocaster.
    Together, they would record some of the most menacing echo-drenched rockabilly and pre-surf instrumentals ever comitted to wax biscuit.
    The duo pounded out masterpieces like Wild Wild Lover, Crash The Party, Spin The Bottle, Hey High School Baby, Rollin To The Jukebox Rock, but failed to land a hit outside their home state.
    Once again, the "record buying public" has demonstrated that they don't call the masses The Masses for nothin'. They call Eric "Pruneface" Clapton a Guitar God but Benny Joy & Big John Taylor get no recognition...go figure.
    Benny Joy retired from performing in the 60's, but remained active as a songwriter, penning Ray Smith's Sun cut "Hey Boss Man" along with tunes for Mel Tillis, Marty Robbins, and Stonewall Jackson.
    Benny Joy passed away in 1988.

    Kuula lugu : Kiss Me, Kiss Me : Steady With Betty


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