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    Neva River Rockets - Total Sale!


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    Age : 34
    Asukoht : Lõunaosariigid, Tartu
    Registration date : 18/11/2007

    Neva River Rockets - Total Sale!

    Postitamine  RockinBandit on 01.02.12 8:19

    The brand new album of the Neva River Rockets "TOTAL SALE !" has been issued and uploaded to the Net at the very end of 2011! Despite its name you don't have to pay a dime for it, unless you want to make a modest donation ;-). It's completely free to download the music and CD cover here:
    This album is a special one - CD is compiled of tracks, recorded from 2003 till 2007, so you could share the part of the band's musical history.

    We would like to express biggest rockin' regards to all our friends all over the world and to thank the RP studio and ELEC records from St.-Petersburg where all was recorded!
    Special thanks to RJ and Iikku who appeared at the cover, most probably against their will ))), and also to Marko Hamis for the cool photos!

    Hope you'll like it, otherwise no refunds!

    Plaadi saad alla laadida siit!!!

    ROCKABILLY - it`s not a trend! it`s a WAY OF LIFE!!!
    Rockin` Lady & her Rivertown Boys

      23.01.19 19:12