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 The Johnny Powers Story

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Johnny Powers is an icon in the world of American roots music. Named
 after a Powerhouse candy bar, Johnny Powers recorded for two of the
 most legendary record labels in American music at a time when rock ‘n roll barely had a name - Sun Records in Memphis and Motown Records in
 Detroit - all before he was 22 years old. Told in his own words through intimate interviews with producer Tom Conner and accompanied by plenty of archival footage and photos, Johnny takes us on a journey spanning over 50 years of his music with plenty of stops along the way.

After leaving Motown in 1965, Johnny pursued a career as a record producer/music publisher. He was later re-discovered as an artist and by the mid-eighties Johnny had been convinced by European concert
promoters and friends to rekindle his long dormant career as a performer. His career still thrives today (at age 73) in the circles populated by fans of rockabilly music in places like England, Japan, France and the good old USA.

The Johnny Powers Story Rockabillydvd
The Johnny Powers Story

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The Johnny Powers Story
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