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    Huelyn Duvall with Mike Bell & The Belltones


    Postituste arv : 1345
    Age : 34
    Asukoht : Lõunaosariigid, Tartu
    Registration date : 18/11/2007

    Huelyn Duvall with Mike Bell & The Belltones

    Postitamine  RockinBandit on 26.05.11 19:57

    Huelyn Duvall with Mike Bell & The Belltones - Baby Make a Move

    Peagi siis võimalik sellist plaati osta. Materjal salvestatud selle aasta veebruaris. Samal ajal kui Texase elav legend koos bändiga Helsingis Goofin Recordsi stuudios oli shoppas tema naine Sandy Tallinna poodides.
    Minule isiklikult meeldivad sellised vanakoolimehed+hea taustabänd projektid. Allpool inglise keelne tekst ning vajalikud lingid

    Huelyn Duvall (USA) recorded a brand new 7” EP with Mike Bell & The Belltones (FIN). The EP “Baby Make A Move” will be released by Goofin Records.

    Listen to the title song on SoundCloud:

    EP sampler:


    Huelyn Duvall is a bona fide Texas Rockabilly legend. He was in the
    centre of that rocking hillbilly storm that ravaged America in the mid
    50s, gigging alongside the biggest names in rock'n'roll. Impossibly
    handsome, Duvall had a savage way with a guitar and a bopping tune that quickly gained him national attention. His hard hitting waxings for
    Challenge (Three Months to Kill), Starfire (It's No Wonder) and other
    labels are desirable collector items today. The continuing release of
    unissued masters from his recording sessions with Danny Wolfe and Tooter Boatman's Chapparals have only served to enhance his glowing reputation amongst Rocking diehards.

    A lesser performer would be happy to rest on their laurels and trade on past glories. But this Texas Rockabilly Legend is made of sterner stuff. Huelyn has continued to release top-quality rockers throughout his career, and remains in constant demand to headline at the biggest
    Rockabilly music festivals around the world. Duvall is held in such high
    esteem among his fellow musicians that the most talented young players from the Rocking scene are proud to play alongside him. For this outstanding EP he is joined by Finland's hottest new combo, Mike Bell And The Belltones. Mike, Kali, Iikku and Japi have been tearing it up at the major weekenders, and to see them joining forces with Huelyn on Goofin' Records is a musical match made in heaven.

    This record is sure to have DJs and record hops filling honky tonk
    hardwood floors everywhere. From the infectious foot-tapper Little Bit
    of Lovin', via stomping Stina Lee to the KILLER bopper Baby Make a Move -here is a slab of vinyl that will FORCE you to dance!

    Bill Smoker


    Track & session info

    Side A:
    1. Baby, Make A Move (Huelyn Duvall)
    2. Stina Lee (Huelyn Duvall)
    Side B:
    1. Give The Dog A Bone (M. Siira)
    2. Little Bit Of Lovin (Huelyn Duvall)

    Huelyn Duvall: Vocals, Mike Bell: Acoustic guitar, backing vocals, Timo "Kali" Kalijärvi: Lead Guitar, Jarno "Japi" Saario: Drums, Iikku Riepponen: Upright Bass, Juho Hurskainen (sax on A2), Petri Lapintie (piano on A1, A2, B1)


    ROCKABILLY - it`s not a trend! it`s a WAY OF LIFE!!!
    Rockin` Lady & her Rivertown Boys

      23.01.19 19:10